Ducted air conditioning units in a townhouse might appear like an impossible alternative. You will be relieved to find out that it is totally achievable and often the finest choice.


Read on to discover the advantages of choosing a ducted air conditioner unit for your townhouse or multi-storey house.

How Does A Ducted Air Conditioner System Work?

Via ducts set up in the ceiling, cool (or warm) air is pumped into each room. Ducts (or pipelines) installed in the ceiling funnel air from a compressor/condenser unit located outside your structure. There is likewise a main system that is housed in the ceiling. This installation requires sufficient roofing system space to enable the ducts, normally between 200mm and 400mm in diameter, to be installed.


Our clients don’t need to get too worried about what space you do- or don’t- have readily available for ducting here at Petersen Engineering. We support local Brisbane businesses and one of the best in air conditioning services, repairs and replacements is Aircon Services. We’ve had numerous clients use them for a multitude of services with ducted air conditioning being one of their specialties. They excel in intricate tasks, and their certified air conditioning team will take the effort out of choosing what air conditioning system set-up will work best– and eventually be the most cost-efficient– for your townhouse.

Benefits Of Ducted Air Conditioners

Ducted air conditioner units provide a discrete and visually pleasing option for cooling (and warming) residences. A function called “zoning” also enables rooms to have their temperatures managed individually, permitting comfort for all occupants.


They might appear at face value to be a more expensive option, you may be shocked to discover just how the expenses compare.


Ducted air conditioning unit can also be beneficial in the following ways:


  • As the fan is located beyond the building, they can be a lot quieter in their operation
  • Lower energy bills due to increased energy performance
  • Less invasive
  • Health advantages due to air filtration system
  • A centrally managed thermostat enables optimum even temperature level control through the home and maximum sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • It can be used for effective heating too– with a reverse air system installed
  • Multiple zones enable upstairs and downstairs locations to be managed independently.
  • Increase the value of your house.

Is My Townhouse Suitable For A Ducted Air Conditioning Unit?

Due to the multi-storey style of a townhouse, several factors need to be considered to assess suitability for a ducted air conditioning unit.


Whether your home is a brand-new build or an existing two-storey townhouse, there are constantly options readily available to you. For example a Brisbane ducted air conditioning system might have very different requirements to ducted airconditioning installation in another capital city.

Existing Townhouses

When we first evaluate the viability of a ducted a/c for your existing townhouse, we might ask you some of the following concerns:

  • Is there a ceiling and roofing system cavity on the top floor of your home for us to mount the main system?
  • Is there gain access for droppers (vents) to reach downstairs rooms to offer their air flow?
  • Are there existing bulkheads or cabinets that can supply an area for ducts to run?

Some restrictions might apply when preparing dropper setup to your existing house and the need to work around lower ceiling plastering. The bright side is companies like Aircon Services specialise in creating and supplying custom alternatives in situations that might appear impossible to others.

New Townhouses

Luckily, your ducted air conditioner unit can be in the planning stages if you are developing a new build. Special factors to consider will still need to be made to allow the main system, droppers, vents and ducts to be installed on both levels; modifications can be made in the design before breaking ground. This will make sure that your new home is suitable and well prepared for your cooling system and supplies maximum energy and financial advantages.


Ducted air conditioning can be a terrific choice if you have a multi-level townhouse or house. It doesn’t need to be made complex or frustrating, and with the team’s support at Aircon Services, no important details will be ignored.


Your home will have the best temperature throughout the year and will look great too. You can find out more about our ducted air conditioning installation procedure here.


The electrical and air conditioning professionals at Aircon Services go above and beyond to take on any complex setup or electrical problem you toss our method.


They are leaders in their field in Brisbane and if you are looking for ducted air conditioning, we highly recommend you check them out here.